Welcome to our world – where customers come first. Where we live by our promise, “Hassle-free Travel”, expressing Holiday Extras’ total commitment to understanding customers’ needs and making travel easier.

“Hassle-free” travel is no empty promise. It requires a massive investment of time and brainpower in developing superior products, refining apps and services and, crucially, ensuring that we have more than our fair share of the smartest brains around.

From day 1 in 1983, hassle-free travel has proved to be a bold business strategy. Blending our radical online approach with a can-do attitude has propelled us to market leadership. Last year, we looked after more than four million customers, with 99.8% declaring themselves satisfied with our service. And every year the business grows and helps more people have a hassle-free holiday – right now, we’re considering dynamic plans to expand across Europe from our current hubs in the UK, Germany & Sofia.

So, does our concept of ‘hassle-free’ travel resonate with your ambitions? Would you risk total immersion in an unconventional culture? Are you eager to submit the status quo to no-holds-barred scrutiny?

In short, are you really ready to enter the extraordinary world of Holiday Extras?

Our Values

Our values are what defines us as a business and describes the behaviours and the expectations that we couldn’t live without. They are at the heart of our recruitment, onboarding, performance and development activities and they encapsulate what we look for at Holiday Extras.

Be Pioneering in Spirit

For our customers, this means that we constantly seek new ways to delight them.

For us, it’s about approaching innovation with curiosity, openness and energy. We explore and share different ways to achieve goals and encourage freedom and creativity in ourselves and others.

Be at the Helm

For our customers, this means they are always at the heart of our decisions.

For us, it’s about delivering on what we promise, seeing our solutions through, taking pride in our actions and our environment and trusting each other to do the right thing.

Be Courageous

For our customers, this means an experience that is different to any other.

For us, it means that we embrace change, demonstrate bravery and confidence when faced with a challenge and believe in ourselves. We learn quickly in order to move forwards.

Be One Team

For our customers, this means that we deliver a joined-up experience.

For us, it means that we collaborate, playing to our collective strengths. We’re flexible in our approach, understanding that we all have a voice. Honest feedback drives our performance forward.

Be the Best Version of You

For our customers, this means that we deliver our part in making travel easy.

For us, it means being passionate about our contribution and giving it our all, using our strengths to maximise our potential, and demonstrating a love for learning to drive our own development.

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The Benefits

The Basics

Every HXer owns part of our business. By joining the team you also get to share in the profits and reap the rewards of our continued growth.

In addition to your salary, every quarter you will receive a profit share bonus payment. The more profit we earn, the more money you receive. Over the last few years we have rewarded people who have been with us for more than 2 years with a profit share bonus of 6.5-8.5% of their salary (half that for people who have been with us for less than 2 years).

Plus, you don’t just share in the profit but you get to be a part-owner of the business. Should it ever be sold, you would receive your share of the sale price through the Employee Benefit Trust.


It’s not just about the massages – for us it’s about finding that genuine balance between home and work life. We have won awards for our flex working!

Real balance can be elusive. However at HX, we believe that if you are connected and contactable, why does it matter where and when you do your work? That’s our philosophy, as we want the great work that you do to count. It’s not about the hours that you put in, it’s about the great work that you deliver!

We believe this to such an extent that in 2017 we won the Times 100 Best Companies to Work for Special Wellbeing Award.

In addition, so that you can do the best work, you need the best tools. That’s why we give every new HXer the latest Apple kit to work with.

Then, there’s the extra stuff that we like to throw in – massages, circuit training, free bikes to use, wellbeing weeks, flu jabs, sports fields, gym equipment, free fruit.

Finally, we’d like to help make every birthday at Holiday Extras extra special. As such, we give you your birthday off! If your birthday happens to fall on a day off, well then, you’d better take your next working day off to celebrate extra hard! Happy Birthday 🙂


We’re rightly proud of our amazing perks, and of course a company like ours offers plenty of extras that you (and your family) can take advantage of.

We offer a ton of extras relating to your wealth, your health and your lifestyle. Anything from easy pension management, to being seen by the top specialists for your health, to massive discounts from our corporate perks site – it’s all there for you (and of course, your family).

At different times throughout your working life with HX, you will be entitled to additional benefits on top of our core ones of annual leave, pension contribution and life assurance.

Here is the wider list: flexible life assurance (up to 10 times your salary), group personal pension, income protection, critical illness, partner critical illness, childcare vouchers, cycle scheme, Give As You Earn, DenPlan (dental insurance), health insurance, health screening, health care cash plan, employee corporate discounts, discounted gym memberships, tastecard and the social club.

Campus Addons

When it comes to workspace, our two campuses, The Wave and Apple Barn, have been designed to make it a pleasure to come to work.

Our UK location, in the south east of Kent (we also have a hub in Munich), means we’re a short drive from the beach and less than an hour from London by train.

Using thoughtful design, our buildings have a look and feel to maximise your creativity and foster collaboration. We have also packed them full of fun stuff including table tennis, foosball and pool tables, sports fields and equipment, circuit training, free tea & coffee, showers, fully equipped kitchens, free parking, bike sheds, free bikes to use, deck chairs, car wash, and Neil, Connor and Teresa – our sandwich team!


It’s not forced, but it runs in our blood; it’s part of who we are. Having fun each day matters. “No fun; no point” – (it’s even written on our CEO’s door).

People have a great time working at Holiday Extras. It’s fun, the office is laid-back but everyone works hard. One of our team is quoted as saying “You are expected to work hard, and as a result you are rewarded with a good salary, social events, recognition, a big extended family and much more!”. It’s true.

In addition, to reward the team for their commitment and dedication to growing this business, every month, we make sure that we lay something on. We have movie nights, music quizzes, Easter-egg hunts, rounders, volleyball, inflatable days, school sports days, fireworks night, Christmas parties and more! Free food to feed the team is of course a necessity so we lay on buffets, BBQs, food-vans and ice-cream vans!

It’s up to you how much you get involved.

We also believe in giving something back so throughout the year we have a ton of fundraising events. Holiday Extras always supports people who want to volunteer and put on charity events. Through both fundraising work and having a dedicated charity budget, we donate thousands and thousands each year to charities chosen by our team. This is a really important part of who we are.

The Academy

The mission of The Academy is to “create a centre for driving learning, collaboration and innovation at work to foster a high-performance culture.”

Back in 2013 we invested over £250k in designing and launching The Academy.

The Academy has played a key role in associating Holiday Extras with technical excellence, talent development and creativity.

We host a number of events, including book clubs, coaching clinics, management and leadership development workshops, language classes, and bespoke team events.

We have our own library and a suite of online development tools. We actively encourage HXers to drive their own development and share their skills.

We also host local meet-ups, coding clubs and speaker sessions.

So, as you can probably tell, we’re passionate about learning and we hope you are too.